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Hello my name is Sarah! I am currently in my third year of of study. I am working towards my BAs in Psychology and a diploma in General Arts and Science. Psychology as a discipline has always intrigued me. Seeing how different factors of life influence our mind and body may teach us so much of ourselves, and those around us.

As I complete my internship with LifeCycle Counselling, I will have the opportunity to apply my skillset that I developed from my diversified background , as well as learn so much from those around me.

Facilitating group sessions aligns with my passion of helping members in our community heal and suggest positive coping skills. I strive be empathetic towards others, while providing useful insights and techniques that are backed by extensive research. It is important to shed light on the the root causes that may affect someones mental health.

One of my many hobbies includes travelling to different parts of the world and seeing all the beautiful sights. Every culture has incredible resilience and history. There is so much we can learn by just having a conversation with someone!
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