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My third culture kid (TCK) upbringing nurtured in me an interest in cross-cultural dialogue and interfaith work, and I eventually became passionate about peacebuilding. I facilitated cross-cultural dialogue among university students from different countries and worked with unaccompanied refugee youth from various African countries. This has equipped me with the ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

After witnessing (and personally experiencing) the collective trauma the revolution and its
aftermath has had on Egyptians, I’ve come to realize that you cannot be at peace with those
around you unless you are also at peace with yourself. I once heard the Hip Hop artist, Brother Ali, say, “you have to deal with your demons before they deal with you.” I believe that our faith and/or spirituality plays an important role in helping us find meaning and purpose while navigating loss, pain and the struggles we face in life. This led me to pursue a Master in Pastoral Studies with a certificate in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy at the University of Toronto.

I have worked in various hospital, university and community settings offering emotional and
spiritual support. I use a spiritually integrated, trauma-informed, and person-centered approach with clients. I believe that each person has the internal resources and tools they need to heal and reach their full potential. It is my hope that I can offer a space where you can feel seen, heard, and understood on your journey of healing, growth and transformation.

My modalities include: Attachment Based, Culturally-Responsive Care, Trauma Focused Therapy, And Solution Focused Therapy.
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