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As life unfolds, we face challenges that require us to adjust and adapt. Therapy can help us gain a clearer understanding of the obstacles and learn new ways of overcoming them to create the life that we want. I work with individuals who are struggling with low mood, anxiety, stress, grief, anger, relationship issues, low self esteem and self-criticism, among others. In sessions, I strive to provide a safe, inclusive, and compassionate environment to explore difficult or painful thoughts and feelings, to gain a greater sense of clarity and to feel empowered to change the things that are limiting your connection to yourself and others.

Together, we can work on exploring and developing the tools that you need to reach your potential as a unique and valuable individual. I believe that while we can’t always control the waves of life, we can gain greater control over how we relate to our experiences, thereby riding the waves with greater ease.

In my years of experience providing psychotherapy, I have worked with a diverse range of individuals and have come to understand that while we may struggle with similar issues, we are all unique. I will help you understand how your unique past experiences have shaped your present. We talk about where and who you have been, but primarily focus on where you want to go and what will help you get there.

My therapy approach is also collaborative, meaning that I don’t just give advice or tell you what you need to do. Your active participation is very important. Together, we could work towards identifying the patterns that are limiting your life and developing tools that you need to reach your potential.

My modalities include: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness & Self-compassion Based Approaches.

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