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Yes, we offer a complimentary phone consultation. You are more than welcome to ask us any questions or concerns you may have, or get a feel for the therapist! You can schedule a consult today:


No, you do need a referral to see a psychotherapist or a clinical social worker.


We get it! Fit is crucial for therapy to be successful. Although we try our best to match you with the therapist that will meet your needs, sometimes it doesn’t work out. Reach out to us and let us know and we can offer you some solutions!


As defined by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario: “Psychotherapy is primarily a talk-based therapy and is intended to help people improve and maintain their mental health and well-being. Registered Psychotherapists work with individuals, couples and families in individual and group settings. Psychotherapy occurs when the Registered Psychotherapist (RP) and client enter into a psychotherapeutic relationship where both work together to bring about positive change in the client’s thinking, feeling, behaviour and social functioning. Individuals usually seek psychotherapy when they have thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviours that are adversely affecting their day-to-day lives, relationships and the ability to enjoy life”.

As of December 30, 2017, the controlled act of psychotherapy has been proclaimed in force, and becomes one of fourteen controlled acts defined in the Regulated Health Professional Act. 

As of December 31, 2019, performance of the controlled act of psychotherapy is restricted to members of the following regulatory colleges:

  • The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
  • The College of Psychologists of Ontario
  • The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
  • The College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
  • The College of Nurses of Ontario
  • The College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario

Absolutely! Your file is confidential and private. The Personal Health Information Protection Act (2004) requires that all personal health information must be kept secure and confidential. If someone calls or inquiries about you or your treatment, we are not allowed to disclose information without your consent. 


We understand. It can be so difficult to overcome feelings of guilt, shame, or fear when seeking therapy. We know that therapy is looked down upon by society and many cultures. We also know that sometimes individuals seeking therapy have had negative experiences with therapy before. We know how hard it is to take that first step. We are here to help you, to provide a safe and confidential place for you, and to make your therapy experience with us as comfortable as possible. 


Although most insurance providers offer coverage for a Registered Psychotherapist or Clinical Social Workers, we encourage you to reach out to your provider and verify your coverage.


Payments can be made by credit card. We accept all types of credit cards (Debit or Credit). You can use our online booking system to process payments automatically. This information is kept confidential and private. You are only charged for your appointments once you arrive to the appointment.


Although most insurance providers offer coverage for a Registered Psychotherapist, we encourage you to reach out to your provider and verify your coverage.


Yes we do offer sliding scale rates for students and special circumstances. Please contact us if you require a sliding scale fee.


This is a difficult question to answer as therapy takes time. Often times, individuals start therapy with one or a handful of issues, and sometimes this leads to exploring further challenges that run a little deeper. Most evidence-based approaches vary from 12 to 24 sessions, and that is without cultural or religious dynamics, trauma, or complicated issues.


We are happy to help! Send us an email and we will help you get started. Visit our Booking page for more details on how to easily book using our booking system. If you are on a MacBook or using an Apple Product, we recommend using Chrome instead of Safari to access your therapy sessions. For technical issues, you can also call the JaneApp at 1-844-310-5263 – just tell them you a client at LifeCycle Counselling and they’ll be able to help you right away.


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