Acsana Fernando

Acsana Fernando

Clinical Social Worker
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I am passionate about supporting clients in their efforts to change and grow, by uncovering their abilities and strengths to overcome challenges. I have been privileged to work with diverse populations including youth, adults, students, parents, families, and caregivers as they cope with anxiety, depression, autism spectrum, interpersonal conflict, grief, life transitions, stress challenges that arise in navigating cultural identities and more. I believe that therapy is a safe place to grow, learn and achieve goals for anyone. I use a holistic approach combining evidence-based techniques that are tailored to your unique needs.

I feel each individual and family are unique and working collaboratively to identify needs and goals is important. I use an integrative approach of various modalities to provide client-centred care, building on the resilience and strength of every person. I offer flexible schedule including late evenings and all-day weekends appointments to accommodate.

I have lived experience with attending personal therapy and I felt a positive impact on myself. It is helpful to share stress in a safe, supportive and cooperative environment with a professional without worrying about being judged. We all have strengths and brainstorming about individual stress can open avenues that might be difficult to reach alone at time.